Bankamericard Power Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card

If you have excellent credit and want a credit card that offers low interest, low fees, and a variety of benefits, the BankAmericard Power Rewards Visa Signature credit card would be an ideal choice. Interestingly, Bank of America has a long history, not just for being an outstanding financial institution, but also for taking one of the more innovative approaches in introducing the public to its new BankAmericard credit card.

In 1958, 60,000 unsolicited credit cards were mass produced and mailed to people within Fresno California. The concept of drop was quite interesting and had its targeted more of the right people the project would likely have been successful. Unfortunately, it was thought the result of this project would be account delinquency of no more than 4% but it shot up to 22%. Obviously, the Bank of America has made significant changes over the years and as a result, they now offer consumers with a variety of credit card options.

One popular BankAmericard credit card is the Power Rewards Visa Signature. With this, once you make $100 in purchases using the card during the first 60 days, a $50 credit would be applied to your statement. In addition, you would earn three points for every $1 spent on groceries, drugstore items, and gasoline during the first six months and then one point per every $1 thereafter on all other purchases. Once the points have accumulated, they could be redeemed for cash, hotel accommodations, rental cars, merchandise, gift certificates, travel experiences, and travel with no blackout dates.

Rewards on the BankAmericard Power Rewards Visa Signature credit card could be enjoyed after 2,500 have been accumulated. In addition, points have no limitation as to how many can accumulate within a 12-month period. Another benefit to this credit card is the introductory period, which offers 0% Annual Percentage Rate over a 7-month period for standard purchases and a 12-month period for balance transfers. Once the initial offer expires, interest would be established between 12.99% to 20.99% variable for both purchases and balance transfers.

Keep in mind, the BankAmericard Power Rewards Visa Signature credit card is just one of the many excellent offers through the Bank of America. However, for an all-purpose credit card that has outstanding benefits, this one is hard to beat. Therefore, we recommend you consider it when you get ready to start applying.

Author: Shante

Shante Phillips is a business consultant and a finance advisor. She is the founder of Trese Business Site.