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The Benefits Of Comparing Online Insurance Quotes

Finding and comparing life insurances has never been easier than now. Nowadays Internet connects all companies with their potential clients, in order to present them a better view of what they have to offer. There are numerous benefits of online insurance quote comparison:

– Comfort. It is far easier and pleasant to seat in your bed our couch and browse online for insurance companies. Otherwise you would have lived with stress, not knowing what companies are around and what products do they offer. Now, you just need to activate a search engine and find out what deals may please you.

– Saving time. In the past, you had to go at the headquarters of each insurance company and ask for its prices. Obviously, that took a lot of time. This is not a problem today, you can gain information with a simple click, and without having to leave the comfort of your house.

– Finding additional data. If you do not fully understand one type of policy offered by the company, you can browse and find out more about that specific type of insurance. There are many features and nobody is expected to know them all. Thankfully, we have the internet to store and display all the data.

– Gathering contacts. Usually, each company has an e-mail or a phone number where it can be contacted. Its website can also tell you all contact details, so, if you require additional info, you can write or call the representatives.

– Finding a company review. If you are interested about a specific insurer, you can search online for what its customers have to say about this company. You can find out if they respect their obligations, if there were any incident about not paying the policy, how are the services and employers and so on.

– Price comparison and quotes. It is essential to do these two things. In this way, you will find out how much the premiums cost for a specific company and insurance and if there are any other better deals. Acquiring quotes has become an important part for any insurance hunting.

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance How To Find Coverage For Former Cancer Patients

Finding no medical exam life insurance as a former cancer patient is not easy, but is not impossible. You can find life coverage as some plans provide guaranteed acceptability. However, you will have to meet certain standards.

Agencies use a process called underwriting to determine if an applicant is eligible for coverage. As a former cancer patient, meeting the eligibility standards is your greatest challenge. I can say right from the start, that you will not be able to get preferred rates. Most likely an agency will make you pay costly rates as you are considered a high-risk case.

In order to meet eligibility standards, you have to:

  • Be cured and show no signs of any cancer symptoms
  • Be cured for at least several months or several years (some agencies require 5 years during which you did not followed any cancer treatment)
  • Be in a good medical and physical condition
  • Be younger than 80 years

An agency will require a detailed medical background check. An agency is interested mostly in the type of cancer you had, its stage and the medical treatment you underwent. If you had a low-risk form of cancer such as prostate, breast or sing cancer and if the cancer was treated early, you have good chances of being accepted for coverage.

Here are some factors that increase your eligibility:

  • If you had stage 1 cancer
  • If you had breast, prostate or skin cancer
  • If you never smoked/took drugs and if you do not drink often
  • If the cancer did not spread and affected other organs
  • A detailed medical report from your doctor that shows a stable medical condition
  • Comparing life insurance quotes and discussing your case with an insurance broker
  • Life insurance from your workplace

As a former cancer patient, you have better chances of finding no medical exam life insurance through your workplace. Many group plans do not require any medical underwriting so you can benefit from coverage. Talk with your employer about your insurance options. Most workplaces do not have good life coverage and the benefit will be small.

The price of your life insurance plan will be very high. You should consider buying coverage if your family needs financial protection. If you are retired, a plan should cover your funeral expenses. Make sure you compare quotes to see how much a policy will cost you.

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Why It Is Important To Compare Online Insurance Quotes

Taking out a life insurance represents a big step for anyone, so anyone must take this decision with maximum care. Life insurances can provide the desired financial support for you and your dependents only if you know how to choose. With so many companies around that provide similar services it is important to know how to shop smart and obtain the best deal. This is a major investment for some years to come and a bad decision will have negative consequences over your budget.

We have websites that provide free online quotes about various types of life insurances. Looking for a good site can be quite challenging it is important to start the search with sites that provide quotes for your area. Local insurers are always recommended. First thing to do, after you have found one reliable source is to start comparing services that provide and terms of contract. Read all the terms with maximum care. You must be able to read between the lines and understand all terms before you choose what company to favor. Some companies tend to include terms that may seem insignificant details, but in fact are really important.

Another comparison must be done between prices. For similar coverage and benefits choose the one with lower premiums. And again, double check the terms. Analyze your budget to see if you can afford the payments. Compare extra benefits that an insurer may provide in time or if there are any limitations for a policy. No one wants to find out that their policy has reached its final cost when they still have premiums to pay. Also check if their policy change if you get ill while covered and compare how much of your savings will fund medical procedures and medication.

Many sites also come with installed software to help you calculate total coverage and monthly installments. If you find an interesting policy ask for a quote, either it is a whole life insurance quote or term life insurance quotes.

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No Medical Exam Insurance For Tobacco Smokers

Tobacco smokers can find accessible life coverage by applying for a no medical exam life insurance policy. Smoking will always increase your life insurance rates and it makes it very hard to find a cheap plan. Furthermore, if your health has been severely affected as a result of your habit, agencies may refuse to cover you. You can get no medical exam life insurance, but it is important to search for no medical life insurance quotes in order to find affordable rates!

How does smoking affect your life insurance premiums?

When applying for life coverage, you will be asked if you “use tobacco products”. Tobacco products means everything that has nicotine, from cigarettes to nicotine patches, all of these products will get you smoker rates. Smoker rates mean an increase of the overall cost of your policy. Smokers will not be able to get preferred plus rates, which are the cheapest, even if their health condition is excellent.

How can no medical exam life insurance help?

Life insurance policies that do not require medical examinations are also more expensive for smokers. The fact that you do not take medical examinations may hide other medical problems, which may have otherwise prevented you from getting coverage. This is the only advantage and do not expect to see cheap life insurance for smokers! Premiums are doubles or even tripled if you smoke or use tobacco products, so it is always better to quit altogether.

Advantages of no medical exam life insurance for smokers

1. Easy to qualify for coverage. Smokers may be denied coverage from traditional life insurance policies, but this is rarely the case when applying for no medical exam life insurance.

2. Covers funeral costs. You can purchase a plan to make sure that your family will have enough money to cover your funeral expenses. Burial costs and taxes can be well over $8,000!

3. Issued fast. Life insurance without medical examinations plans are issued very fast! A policy takes about 24 hours to become active. By comparison, traditional policies are issued after several weeks.

Smokers will have a hard time finding cheap life insurance. You will have to either quit cigarettes or compare as many quotes as possible to find a cheap policy. Visit our website and compare quotes from top insurance providers!